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What is Post-Consumer Waste?

Post-consumer waste is a waste type produced by the end consumer of a material stream; that is, where the waste-producing use did not involve the production of another product.

The terms of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled materials are not defined in the ISO standard number 14021 (1999) but pre-consumer and post-consumer materials are. These definitions are the most widely recognized and verified definitions as used by manufacturers and procurement officers worldwide.

Quite commonly, it is simply the waste that individuals routinely discard, either in a waste receptacle or a dump, or by littering, incinerating, pouring down the drain, or washing into the gutter.

Post-consumer waste is distinguished from pre-consumer waste, which is the reintroduction of manufacturing scrap (such as trimmings from paper production, defective aluminum cans, etc.) back into the manufacturing process. Pre-consumer waste is commonly used in manufacturing industries, and is often not considered recycling in the traditional sense.

Post-consumer waste consists of:

  • packaging

  • parts that are not needed, such as fruit skins, bones in meat, etc.

  • undesired things received, e.g.:

  • advertising material in the mailbox

  • a flyer received in the street without having the opportunity to refuse

  • dust, weeds, fallen leaves, etc.

  • things one no longer needs, e.g. a magazine that has been read, things replaced by new versions, clothes out of fashion, remaining food that one cannot keep or does not want to keep

  • broken things, things no longer working, spoiled food, worn-out clothes, clothes which no longer fit

  • outgrown items toys, clothing, books, schoolwork

  • disposables such as Kleenex and finished batteries

  • human waste, waste of pets, waste water from various forms of cleaning

  • "post-life waste"

  • one's body or ashes

  • things people do not want and cannot sell

  • broken/unused cars

  • items that cannot be used

Nara Loca Abadi is a recycled plastic specialist that concerned about the earth and environment by promoting the use of recycled PET flakes, recycled PET chips, recycled PP & HDPE granules to various plastic and polyester manufacturers.

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