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What is Polyester Filament Yarn?

Polyester fibre is one of the most used commercial fibres across the world. These are strong synthetic fibres made by blending the alcohol and acid and initiating a chain reaction. Strong and big molecules are generated in this reaction with repetitive structure. Yarns are commercially used interlocked fibres of continuous length majorly used for weaving and knitting. The Polyester Filament Yarn is one of the finest and synthetic yarns that are used for various purposes like Embroidery, sewing, knitting, weaving and so forth. Such yarns are also called PFY. Such yarns are created when MEG and PTA are spun directly. The Polyester yarns brought a revolution in the global textile industry.   

Different Types of Polyester Yarns

There are basically three types of Polyester yarns –

  • Polyester Filament Yarns – PFY are hugely demanded yarns in the global market made from PET Polyester. The PET Polyester is also called Polyethylene Terephthalate. These yarns are immensely used in the modern fibre manufacturing industries. PFY is strong and compelling. These are used in both the multifilament and monofilament forms. PFY has a selection of qualities, High tenacity PFY are used for making light fabrics like organdie and voile while the regular tenacity PFY is used to make lingerie while the low tenacity or duller version of PFY are used to make blouse and shirts.

  • Spun Yarns – Created by using PCDT or cut PET, Spun yarns are a popular Polyester yarn type. The polyester fibres are spun together to create spun yarns. Such yarns are primarily used for the purposes like knitting and weaving. The use of spun yarn can also be seen in consumer fabrics, embroidery and home furnishings. 

  • Textured Yarns – It is created by twisting and drawing of polyester POY. The PET multifilament is used in its creation. 

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