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Why Recycle?

One of the definitions of recycling agreed upon is that "the most important form of waste management that will ensure the most efficient use of natural resources and leave the greatest possible amount of potential resources to future generations."

Of course, resources are not unlimited, if not carefully used one day these resources will be exhausted. In addition to avoiding waste of resources, developed countries have seen and developed methods for the recovery and reuse of wastes. In the light of the same fact, the European Union has required the recovery of waste in the member states.

Our country, which is in the struggle for development and facing economic difficulties, has to end the waste of waste in order to benefit from its natural resources in the long term and in maximum way, and to research the methods of reclaiming and reusing the materials with economic value.

Recycling and reuse of materials such as iron, steel, copper, lead, paper, plastic, rubber, glass will prevent the depletion of our natural resources and also reduce the amount of foreign currency paid to the imported scrap material in order to meet the needs of the country.

Another issue that is as important as the ones mentioned above is the large reduction in the amount of solid waste to be removed and thus the prevention of environmental pollution to a great extent.

Our natural resources are protected. The use of used packaging and similar wastes as a raw material source results in significant savings, such as the protection of the raw material or the natural resource that must be consumed for the material in which it is used. Since natural resources are decreasing day by day due to the increase in world population and consumption, it must be used more efficiently.

Energy saving is provided. Since the number of physical and chemical treatments applied during recycling is less than that of normal production processes, significant energy savings are achieved in the production of materials by recycling. The amount of energy saved by recycling varies depending on the type and composition of the waste. For example, it is stated by many experts that 90% of the recycling of an aluminum canister and 60% energy savings by recycling the paper are achieved.

The amount of waste is reduced. With recycling, less waste is transported to landfills and additionally it is easier to transport and store these wastes, because less landfill and less energy are required.

Nara Loca Abadi is a recycled plastic specialist. We promote the use of recycled plastic materials to various manufacturers of polyester, plastic packaging, and filament yarn.

Recycling is bringing waste material to a new life.

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