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Companies That Uses Recycled Plastic Material

The companies below are doing their part to address this crisis and build demand for products made from recycled material. PRESERVE HOUSEHOLD GOODS Preserve might be our favorite company in the recycled products world.  You could almost outfit most of your house with Preserve's products.  They sell a version of almost every household good you need made of recycled plastic.

The founder Eric Hudson saw that although Americans were putting ample materials into the recycling stream, it would not get used unless manufacturers used it to make things. Their mission statement, which we love, is “To help reduce the harm caused by the industrial age by demonstrating that consumer products can be both fabulous and lighter on the earth”.

FAB HABITAT Fab Habitat has an amazing line of beautiful, eco-friendly, and environmentally sustainable options for rugs, small storage furniture, and pillows made from recycled materials.Their largest rug, made from 100% recycled plastic, uses the equivalent of 666 plastic bottles!

They sell products made of 100% recycled plastic, softer rugs made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, rugs made of 100% recycled cotton, and environmentally friendly jute rugs, among other items.   100% RECYCLED PLASTIC COMPOST BIN - A TWO'FER FOR REDUCING WASTE Don't be afraid of composting, it is not as hard as people make it out to be, reduces your landfill trash by 25-50%, and opens up a whole new world of compostable products that nature recycles for you.

SEVENTH GENERATION IS STILL YOUR GO-TO OPTION Buying Seventh Generation products is a great place to start if you want to start reducing your environmental footprint.  Seventh Generation is like a forefather (or fore-mother) of companies following sustainable business practices.  They are a leader in this space and most of their products packaged in 100% recycled material, or very close to a 100%.   They even sell toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper.  I should mention that regular toilet paper made from newly chopped down trees is a bit softer, but  do you really need beautifully woven silk napkins to wipe your butt?!  I think not, seems like a small sacrifice to save some trees and I know you are up to it! GREEN TOYS The Onion recently ran a piercingly hilarious “article” about a child entertained for 5 minutes by plastic toy that will take 1,000 years to biodegrade.  It is funny because it is a true but depressing observation about the ridiculously wasteful nature of plastic.  Who needs a toy that last hundreds of years?  Unless that toy is going to be melted down made into something else numerous times.

SUSTAINABLE TOYS FROM TEGU  Tegu’s magnetic blocks are awesome, so I would recommend them even if they didn’t have a heart warming and inspiring origination story, use environmentally sustainable practices, and promote recycling and reuse of materials.   The owners, two brothers, started their journey with the question, “Could we create a for-profit company based in Honduras that would foster a positive social impact through its business? According to the CIA factbook, Honduras is the 170th poorest country in the world.  And if you have been watching the news about immigration in the U.S., you should be aware that many of the people from Central America migrating to our country are fleeing unstable conditions in Honduras, among other Central American countries. is a recycled plastic specialist that promotes the use of recycled PET flakes, recycled PET chips, recycled PP & HDPE granules to various plastic and polyester manufacturers. This company's products is suitable to promote the use of recycled plastic for raw materials

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